It is not necessary to use an expensive camera for your online product. You don’t need to waste your money on expensive cameras if you don’t have a good budget. You can do your product photography from your smartphone. Here are some of the tricks that will help you take photos of your products with your smartphone

  • Background

Good background also grabs customers’ attention when he’s looking for a product. A plain white background is always the best to use for your product photography. It helps your product take the spotlight and grab people’s attention. Avoid the distractions in the background so your customer can only focus on your product. 

  • Good lighting

Good lighting is very important for product photography. Place your product near a window with a white background and make sure there are no shadow distractions or you can also use led lights for your product. Your whole focus should be on the product so your online store gets the maximum exposure it deserves.

  • Get the right angles

Angles really matter when you are doing product photography for your business. Take high-quality pictures of your product. Take the angles of your product that a customer needs to see. Show them the angles that can define your product properly. Zoom in on the detailed areas so your target audience can know more about the product.

  • Position your products

Make sure the picture quality is good as it attracts your target audience the most. Make it clear what you are selling. Make sure the placement of your product is right where you are shooting your product


Not every smartphone has a good quality camera to do a photoshoot of your product. Not all smartphone cameras can give the high-quality pictures you need. Your smartphone camera should be at least 12 megapixels to have good quality pictures for your product. 


Once you have fulfilled these requirements, make sure that

  • You don’t zoom in too much as it can affect your picture quality. If you want a close-up shot, just move your smartphone closer to your product
  • When you are taking pictures for your product, make sure that you choose the highest resolution and always choose the largest file size.
  • Don’t use the front camera for taking pictures of your product. Always use the rear camera of your phone as it will always be higher resolution than the front camera.
  • Don’t use your phone’s flashlight for the photography as it can ruin your photo
  • Use a tripod to steady your camera so the pictures are more clear
  • Use different apps to crop or edit your pictures. You can edit your pictures from Photoshop as it you can edit your image better rather than doing it on your phone. 
  • Don’t overedit your pictures which can ruin the picture and its quality.